How to buy on this website

To buy in our store is very simple, follow the steps below:

1. Choose the desired product or service in our Virtual Store;

2. Select from the options and the desired quantity;

3. By clicking "Add to Cart" you have the option of continuing to buy or end the purchase;

4. To finish the purchase, click on "Open shopping bag";

5. Calculate freight by entering your zip code;

6. Check the information and click to "Buy";

7. Enter the shipping details and payment information in the System. Your data will not be saved. In this step, you will check that you are in a secure environment, with a green URL;

8. Choose the means of payment;

9. You will be automatically redirected to the store to check the status of your purchase online;

10. You will receive an email with transaction status, according to the payment method chosen;

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