Jewelry Care

The jewels deserve some special care so that they remain beautiful over time.

Here are some recommended care:

Gold - This admired noble metal is formed by a alloy whose different compositions determine its color - white, yellow, pink - and quilatagem. The gold most commonly used for jewelry is 18K, consisting of 750 parts of pure gold and 250 of other complementary metals, because it presents the best balance between durability and the malleability required to shape rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Because of this malleability, gold is a material sensitive to external aggressions, which can alter its texture. In the final form of the jewelry, its finish can gain a polished surface, extremely shiny, or satin, matte appearance. The wear time and the impacts on the jewels can cause marks of use on this surface, which are natural.
It is recommended to keep the gold jewelry by simply wiping them with a soft, dry cloth on a day to day basis to avoid further changes. When there is more accumulation of waste on the metal, you can bring your jewelry to one of our stores for a professional cleaning. But, attention, it is not recommended that this be done at intervals of less than a year.


White Gold - The color of white gold in its pure state is actually slightly yellowish. The shiny and silver tone characteristic of white gold jewelery is obtained through a procedure called rhodium plating, which leaves them with a clear, uniform and bright color.
Frequent use of the jewelry causes this bath to wear out over time, changing its color and shine. Hence, it is recommended that a periodic maintenance on these parts in order to restore their original characteristics.
Del Lima offers this service to customers who have purchased branded white gold jewelery. When your white gold jewelry has the color changed, take your piece to one of our stores for professional maintenance.

Diamonds - To keep diamonds in good condition, they must be kept clean. As this stone has by nature the property of adhering to greasy substances, they are quickly affected when they come in contact with oily substances such as moisturizers, sunscreens, or even the natural oiliness of the skin.
Therefore, clean once a week the diamonds that are used daily, using damp flannel, without any chemical.
Diamond jewelry should be stored separately, in a soft fabric or in the pocket of the quilted jewelry bag. If stored near other pieces, the stone or gold frame can be scratched and damaged.

Pearls, mother of pearl and coral - These organic gemstones are sensitive to acids, detergents, perfumes, hair fixatives, ultrasound and jewelry cleaning solutions. Therefore, avoid these products coming into contact with the part.

After using jewelry with these gemstones, a soft flannel moistened with water should be passed to preserve the shine and to remove the residue from creams, skin sweat or makeup.

Do not use jewelry with pearls, mother of pearl and coral in pools, beach or bath, as chlorine, salt and water vapor are harmful to its structure.


From time to time, refill pearl necklaces and bracelets with a knot, extending the life of the pearls, as they avoid contact and friction with each other.

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