Shipping & Returns

Del Lima is committed to guaranteeing its customers high quality products and sophistication. To ensure customer satisfaction also in the purchases made by the virtual store, we have created a Transparent Exchange and Return Policy in accordance with the Code of Consumer Protection:

Know the rules of this policy and in which situations you can use it:

General considerations:
All occurrences involving exchange or return must be previously communicated to the Del Lima Customer Service Center.
Product returned without this prior notice to the Central, out of date, with absence of items, accessories and invoice accompanying it, will be returned to the customer by the company. The costs of the resubmission will be borne by the client.

If you purchase or receive a product and wish to exchange it, according to the rules and deadlines detailed in the Del Lima Exchange and Return Policy.


We accept requests for the exchange of products made within the time limit of 7 (seven) days counted from the date of purchase of the products and provided that the following conditions are met:

- Prior communication to our Call Center;
- Presentation of the Invoice (even if you have received the product as a gift);
- The product must be shipped in its original packaging (even if it has been opened), with no trace of use and with all its accessories.


Del Lima reserves the right to charge the expenses related to the withdrawal of product and delivery of the product (s) to be exchanged in the customer's residence.

In case there is a difference of value to be complemented by the customer, the prices charged in the Del Lima online store must be respected.

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